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Frequently Asked Questions

What is App4jobs?

App4jobs is a mobile app and web-based platform which links individuals or companies with the right people to get a job done. Potential employers can search for a specific skill or set of skills in a specific area and find rated employees who possess the required skills.
Users can also use our Boda Boda services through the App to get rides to jobs or anywhere else.

What does Employer and Employee mean?

The use of the terms ‘Employer’ and ‘Employee’ for the purposes of the app is informal and not in the legal sense. An Employer is anyone searching for someone to perform a specific job for pay while an employee is an independent contractor willing and able to perform such a job.

How do I sign up?

You may create an account by downloading the App to your phone or accessing the webpage from to access the platform. Once you have accessed the platform you can sign up for the services by creating an account either as an employee (if you have skills to offer or perform a job), an employer (if you are in need of someone with certain skills or someone who can do a job) and as a Boda Boda Rider, to be able to connect with passengers who are users of the App. Once you have created your account, you will be able to access the dashboard from where you can navigate the services.

Do I need to upload any documents to App4jobs?

App4jobs requires your National Identification Number (I.D.), passport number (for residents) or aliens I.D. (for residents) and your telephone number to register. Please use the same identification you used to register with M-Pesa.

Boda Boda Riders will have to upload photographs of their National Identification Document (I.D.), Motorcycle Driver’s License, Third-Party Insurance Sticker and an image of their two helmets. Documents must be valid; Riders will be made unavailable if any documents have expired and no renewed documents uploaded.

Is the information I provide to App4Jobs secure?

Yes, all the information you provide to us, for purposes access and use of the services is secure and is subject to our Privacy and Data Protection Policies. Please access the Privacy Policy here for more information.

What are the Services available?

The services available range from skilled to non-skilled services offered by employees who post their profiles in the App. The list of services continues to grow as more employees sign up.

How do I request for an Employee?

When looking for someone to complete a certain job you will select from the App, an employee close to your location or the location you provide of the job and request a specific employee from the options available. The employee will be notified and may accept or reject the request. You may re-request for an employee at any time. Previously requested and well-rated employees will appear first on your dashboard.

Can I cancel a request?

No. At the moment App4jobs does not have the option of cancelling a request.

Is App4jobs free?

App4jobs charges a small commission fee for using the application. The fee is added to the fee quoted by the employee. The employee is required to pay the commission to App4jobs.

App4jobs is free to download from Google Play Store for Android, or App Store for iPhone.

How does pricing work?

Employers enter an estimated amount for the job with a brief description of the job, once an employee accepts the job the amounts can be renegotiated once the employee has received more information from the employer.

What is the payment procedure?

Once a job is completed, the employer marks the job as completed in the App and will be prompted to make the payment via the provided Till Number. The fees owing to the employee will be transferred real-time (subject to M-Pesa working conditions) to their M-Pesa account.

I have no work experience; can I find general work jobs in App4jobs?

You do not need experience to find work through App4jobs, just select General Work as your skill when joining us and App4jobs will do the rest. Remember all types of jobs require skills!

If I learn a new skill, can I add it to my Profile?

Yes, part of your journey with App4jobs is learning new skills. Simply open your profile, find the sector that relates to your new skill, search for your skill and enter it.

What happens if I cannot find my skill?

If your skill does not appear in the dropdown list please send us a message through our contact us page. Once we have verified your skill we will add it to the list.

How does App4jobs Boda Boda service work?

All users can use our Boda Riders to get rides. Simply select GET A RIDE/MY RIDES in your home screen, follow the simple instructions and link up with the nearest Boda Rider through the app.

How does the rating work?

If you are an employee, once you complete your job the employer will rate you by giving you stars marked from 1 to 5. The rating will be used to gauge the quality of your work and interaction with the employer.

If you are an employer, an employee will be able to give you a rating similar to the employee rating, and the rating will be used to gauge your interaction with the employee. Boda Boda riders will be rated in the same way.

Users of the App with very low ratings will be subject to quality control measures including being banned from use of the App.

Does App4jobs get paid if I get permanent employment through App4jobs?

No, App4jobs only gets paid for the service of providing the link between an employer and an employee for casual employment. We are here to help you to put food on the table between permanent jobs!

Can I sign up as an Employee and an Employer?

Yes, App4jobs will allow you to create both accounts using the same user details but you must have two telephone numbers, one for the employee and one for the employer. Simply log out of your employee account and login to your employer account, or vice versa. Please remember that both numbers must be registered with M-Pesa to use App4jobs.

What is “General Work” under skills?

General Work can be anything that does not require a special skill, for example an employer who posts a job that requires some digging will select General Work as a skill, any employees who indicated General Work as one of their skills, and who are in the area of the job posting, will be available for the job across all sectors. Remember an employee can select more than one skill.

Is App4Jobs available in my location?

Yes, App4jobs is available across Kenya

Are the Users of App4jobs vetted?

App4jobs is committed to ensuring you receive the best services and have safe interactions with people you connect with from the App. App4jobs does not vet users of the App as it is a platform providing the means to connect people according to its services. However, App4jobs requires users to adhere to the Code of Conduct accessible here to ensure the best possible standards are upheld by all users. Users who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to quality control measures including being banned from use of the App. We have a strict policy on removal of users who violate the Code of Conduct and will where it is in our discretion necessary to do so, take further action against any user involved in misconduct.

Does App4jobs guarantee the quality of services offered by employees?

App4jobs provides a passive platform to connect you with an employee. It does not vet the employees nor employ them and therefore does not give guarantees on the quality, reliability or suitability of their services. App4jobs is committed to, the extent possible, ensuring employees on the App provide quality services and requires all employees to adhere to the Code of Conduct and monitors all users through the rating service. Employees who maintain low ratings, receive negative comments or are involved in any form of misconduct will not be allowed to continue using the App.

How do I handle a complaint/get assistance using the App?

If you have any complaints or would like to get assistance in using the App, please contact our Customer care service on and Tel 0794 120 111 or 0751 709 709

Customer care services are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and 9:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.

App4jobs strives to resolve all issues in the shortest time possible and will keep you updated on the status of your concern, issue or complaint until resolved.