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Code of Conduct 

The App4jobs - family values


What’s our family values

#Saayakujijenga, #Buildyourfuture, #Integrity, #Entrepreneurship, #HardWork, #Honesty, #CustomerCare, #Repeatbusiness, #KeeptherightsideoftheLaw, #Provideforyourfamily, #Stayfocused, #EducateyourKids, #Dotherightthing, #Buildyourcommunity, #Lookoutforeachother, #Ikokazi, #App4jobs, #Driveresponsibly, #Besafe, #Beprofessional

We are creating a professional community through our mobile app and web-based platform, which links people looking for skills and great people with those skills. As in any family, we need some common values with how we operate and treat each other. By signing up to App4jobs here is what we expect of everyone.


Stay the right side of the law 

We are stating the obvious, however for us all to be successful and build a community in which customers can trust let us all operate within the law. Be aware of your responsibilities and actively encourage those around you to do the same. It’s your responsibility to understand the law. Help each other do the same.


Honesty and integrity

Simple, let us treat others how you would expect to be treated, with respect. Let us operate with the highest level of honesty and build our integrity, do what you say you are going to do. We are all entrepreneurs, build the core of your business around this and improve your chances of being rehired – it is your ‘star rating’, protect it.


Look out for each other and – Be Safe!

Whether it's your property or another’s, look after it or it may cost you money or your reputation. Keep your ‘star ratings’ as high as possible to improve your chance of being hired.


Let's look out for each other, support each other. Those riding Bodaboda, your business success comes from riding safely with every ride. Remember, no shortcuts, people’s lives are in your capable hands.

Employers, keep those providing a service to you in a safe environment to work. Your reputation keeps the best people available to you.


We are a colourful community

Let's all work together for everyone's success. The App4jobs community operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on discrimination. Let us celebrate our cultural diversity and this includes others of a different race, sex, pregnancy, marital status, health status, ethnic or social origin, colour, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, dress, language or birth. Your continued presence on our platform depends upon it. You be a champion in your community and be the person others look up to by the way you behave.


Data integrity

Protect everyone’s personal data. You may have access to people’s homes or business, personal information and phone numbers - let's respect that.


Only you can use your account. If you help another with your phone, that’s great, but make sure they log on with their user name and protect them and yourself. Check out the App4jobs Privacy Policy.



App4jobs is an over the top service provide linking great people together. However, we take no liability for individuals actions or behaviour through the platform. If members continue to violate our ’family values’, they will no longer to continue to enjoy our services.