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Casual employment &

Youth empowerment

What are the numbers?
  • Kenya is a country with a rapidly growing population, 52 million people currently.

  • Over 50% of the population are under 18 years of age.

  • Over 15 million people earn a living in the informal sector

  • Our youth employment is our future, with over 1 million new people eligible for the jobs market every year

App4jobs as part of the solution
  • Casual employment is where many people find their first jobs, facing challenges of regular work and where the next coin comes from.

  • How do we gain greater stability in this sector?

  • Create an enabling environment for success, providing job seekers with a platform to be found by employers.

  • Allowing employers to hire casual staff responsibly, people who are a valuable resource of talent for your business.



Use our mobile phone based app to hire or be hired

App4jobs mobile app,

Employer - post a job, hire staff, pay on Mpesa- simple as that!

Employee - post your skills and location, wait for the job to find you.


  • Find the best ‘star-rated’ employees fast, for quick jobs or the whole day.

  • No longer search all day for the best people to help you.


  • Say goodbye to ‘Tarmacking’!

  • You work hard every day, now with App4jobs ‘work smart’ as well.

  • Your time is money.

  • Any job you can think of, we try to link you with the right people.

  • Plan ahead and book when is convenient for you.

  • Show you’re a great employer, your employees rate you after the task.

  • Your employees can get a ride direct to you with our Bodaboda service.

  • Even offline, your connections get a text message from us to alert them of a job.



  • Plan your work and get jobs ahead of today.

  • Find the next job in your local area, it might be on your doorstep?

  • Be available to 100’s of great employers looking for your skills.

  • ‘Build your future’ with a history of your work through App4jobs.

  • Let your performance show! Get ‘star-rated’ after every job and increase the chances of your next job.

App4jobs-Ride hailing

Use our mobile phone based app to find the best bodaboda rider in your area



  • Grow your customer base with 100’s of passengers near you.

  • No waiting on the stage,  get busy earning, have customers find you and ‘work smart’.

  • No restrictions on how much you charge, we know your rates can vary in the day.

  • Show your customers you are the best with your ‘star rating’.

  • Show you’re a great rider, your customers rate you after the task.

  • Simple App4Jobs designed for low data use on your phone – we are thinking of your profit!

  • ‘Star rated’ Bodabodas in your area, ready at your fingertips.

  • Got your job with us? Take your ride with us direct to your work location.

  • We are two Apps in one.

  • Riders are checked for their legal requirements.

  • You negotiate your rate and just ride.

  • App4jobs boda service is available country wide.




App4jobs is available for your mobile device from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS. Follow the links below

App4jobs is available for your PC through our online portal. Follow the link below



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