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App4jobs, disrupting the gig economy hiring space, one job at a time.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?



hire the best gig workers, now!

The Gig economy in Africa and Asia face the same challenges;

jobs and getting to work

In Kenya, where we launched, Gig workers make up the majority of the workforce. Whether in high density urban areas rural regions, the challenge is the same.


Finding the best Gig workers is tough, your business needs them today. Paying cash is difficult for everyone. Great people are out there, just out of your reach.


Everyday counts, every cent matters. You needed that job today but didn’t make the cut. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Getting to work?

Are you reliant on public transport? How do you get to work safely and on time?


is the unique solution, we are 2 apps in 1!

Need great Gig workers or want that Gig job today, App4jobs, location based, on demand platform is the solution for you. 

Hire or get hired and get that ride to work with the same mobile app and pay with the simplicity of our integrated Mpesa mobile wallet.


App4jobs - JOBS

Focused on the general worker roles for your business.

 Hiring - post a job, hire great staff, pay on Mpesa- simple as that! 

Seeking - post your skills & location, wait for the jobs to find you.


  • Maximize your reach, get connected with the best Gig workers.

  • App4jobs platform allows you to be responsible employers of Gig workers.


  • Say goodbye to ‘Tarmacking’! No more treading the pavement, let the jobs come to you.

  • You work hard every day, let App4jobs help you ‘work smarter'.

  • Choose the best, know who you hire, we've checked for you

  • Cashless payments, safe and secure, pay everyone instantly

  • Your time is money, App4jobs lets you take control of your Gig jobs work week.

  • Take jobs from different employers and fill your week.

  • App4jobs delivers transparency and traceability with your casual Gig hires.

  • Your employees can get a ride direct to you with our Bodaboda ride hailing.

  • Find your next Gig job, it may be right on your doorstep?

  • Be available to 100’s of great employers looking for your skills in your area.



  • Let your performance show and ‘Build your future’ with a CV of your work through App4jobs.

App4jobs - Ride hailing


We are completely different! You know what the ride price should be, so we leave that between you and the boda rider. Creating flexibility for anything you may want to carry, still with the assurance of safety and reliability.

Use App4jobs to find 'star rated', traceable bodaboda riders in your area.


  • We know your rates can vary in the day, so we let you negotiate the price with your customer.

  • Grow your customer base with 100’s of passengers near you.

  • No waiting on the stage,  get busy earning, have customers find you and ‘work smart’.

  • Show your customers you are the best with your ‘star rating’.


  • Registered ‘Star rated’ Bodabodas in your area, ready at your fingertips.

  • Got your job with us? Take your ride with us direct to your work location.

  • We are two Apps in one, got your Gig, get your ride in the same app.

  • We verify riders documents for your safety.

  • Show you’re a great rider, your customers rate you after the task.

  • Simple App4Jobs designed for low data use on your phone – we are thinking of you.

  • You negotiate your rate and just ride.

  • App4jobs boda service is available country wide.




App4jobs is available for your mobile device from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS. Follow the links below

App4jobs is available for your PC through our online portal. Follow the link below



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